Wednesday, March 2, 2011

100 Characters Challenge!! part 1

This is what I've been working on because I'm totally uninspired and Cozy doesn't want to do the prompts for's kinda like a really really involved and long prompt! The challenge is to draw 100 of your original characters! or if you don't have that many like me you can draw different "forms" or in different poses. I have about 33 so I'll be drawing each character 3 times. I like drawing them multiple times because I'm able to explore more of their personality. Most of these are very old. College smacked the high school creation juices out of me. I think doing this will help me focus on one of my original ideas I need to finish/start.
these are original characters of my creation. TvOctopus and Aqua Squirrel. They don't make sense in the real world so I highly suggest not trying to rationalize them.

This is also an original character. He is known as "the Death Guy." He points things out to people that they might not want to hear or might not be aware of. He deals with uncomfortable truths: like, death is all around us!

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